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Own Your Business Or Your Business Owns You

To create a new business that makes money, and more significantly, employs others, and more significantly, gives a product to a customer that improves their life, is our greatest challenge, our greatest opportunity, and the greatest gift, far greater than any charity that we can give our fellow person. – Paul Zane Pilzer ; Economist, entrepreneur, and author

So you want to build a business that qualifies the picture painted on the quote by Paul Zane Pilzer and; gives yourself a sense of achievement, satisfaction time and financial freedom.

Before you go into the greatest opportunity, perhaps you should look at the greatest challenge first. According to statistic, most small business could not survive more than 5 years, the Office of Advocacy from The Small Business Administration has this statistic for 2007,

New Firms 637,100 Closures 560,300; Bankruptcies 28,322.

That works out to be a whooping 92% in one years on Failure vs New Start Ups. The reasons for such a high failure rate is obvious; many would be entrepreneurs rush into starting their own business without knowing much about the world of business. They tend to believe that with their experiences in corporate environment; the passion of becoming an Entrepreneur and perhaps arm with the new found knowledge from their business school;t they could taking charge of their time and make a different to their life and the life of others.

Success in business is never automatic nor guaranteed, it is a risky adventure. The reasons for small business failure can be many. But “entrepreneurs burnout” is seldom a reason for business failure, not many; Fail Entrepreneurs wanted to admit that he or she just throw in the tower. Soon after getting in and survive the elimination process of the fitters survive; reality started to creeps in and frustration building up even when the business is growing steadily. The reason is simple, in 2007, the Office of Advocacy of SBA estimated that there are 27.2 million business in the United States, 20.4 million of these businesses are without employees. A staggering 75% of all existing business are operated, managed and ran by the business owner themselves. They are the business owner, manager, operator, shop attendant, book keeper, delivery man or woman, you name it, they do it. It is not surprising that these entrepreneurs got burnout so easily and throw in the tower. They do not own a business, they own a job for themselves. That’s it.

So, if you are running a business of your own, ask yourself this question, “Am I Owning the Business or the Business Own Me?” The test, simply ask yourself this question, “Can the business run smoothly without you attending to it?” If the answer is positive, well, you might own a business and not owning a job. The next question is, For how long can you NOT attending to it?

If you are having this entrepreneurs burnout feeling or you haven’t own a business yet and intending to start one, a very good suggestion here is to visit some of the most established fast-food chain or franchise business; observe who are doing the day to day operation and running the business. You would probably  find a groups of perhaps, collage students and young adults and never know who is the real owner. That’s the beauty of real business leverage!

There is a vast opportunity in the business world and the benefits is far greater than the challenge, the truth is, are you owning the business or the business owns you?

Why an Online Business is a Good Business to Get Involved In

Some proven home business opportunity and ideas may worth your consideration. Moreover, it’s extremely important for you to know that to be able to find success with home business, you should also be open to the possibility of taking up business opportunities which you have never done before. And if this might be the case, you still have to do well with it.

Owning a online business may already be an achievement for you. And so, you take time to consider all the proven home business opportunity that comes your way. To begin with, home business ideas are everywhere. You can even turn your skills or your favorite hobby into a profitable home based business.

In this age of internet technology, you may also want to try doing business online. Online business is also a proven home business opportunity today because this is one business which doesn’t require too much money to begin with, but it really works. Furthermore, there are many other reasons as to why an online business is a good business to get involved in.

  1.  Firstly, you can be able to manage and monitor closely all the things that have anything to do with your home business.
  2. Secondly, you have the advantage of bringing your business to any parts of the world since you are working in World Wide Web.
  3.  Doing business online will make it possible to make your business stay active for a long time without incurring any rental dues.

At any rate, the most excellent proven home based business opportunity is the one that will allow you to work on your own. This will also help you save extra money as there will be no need to hire anyone to help you out or assist you with the business. Aside from online business, some other examples of proven home based businesses that you can do by yourself include offering a service or services which you are skilled or knowledgeable of. For instance, you can offer drafting services if you are an architect by profession. Or you can offer products which you know will sell. Moreover, if you can produce something that most people will like or need, you can make a business out of it.

Keep in mind that the best means to make your proven home business opportunity a success is to learn more about the business. Know everything inside and out, in this way, you will be able to handle any problem which may occur. You will also be able to know what exactly to do and have full control of the business. Finally, once you have decided which proven home business opportunity to try, be sure to exert a lot of effort and time to make everything work.

10 Valuable Home Business Tips

Starting a home business is a lot of fun, it’s also a good way to get some extra cash!. Due to the recession there’s a lot of people that have to fear for their occupations. Not having job security is very stressful, especially if you have a family that’s counting on you.

Would you like to know more about starting a business from home? You might be thinking: “I have no experience with starting a business , how will I be successful?”. The answer is pretty simple: it totally depends on your approach, motivation and ability to take action.

I’m not going to say that having a business is simple. You’ve probably read a lot of other articles where you’ll be promised to have a business that makes thousands of bucks within a month. I’m sure you’ve found out that things are a bit more complex. It is nonetheless, very feasible to start an own business that returns a reasonable amount of residual income at first.. with the potency to generate a few thousand dollars a month.

I’ve managed to create a home business myself. Needless to say I didn’t succeed right away, but I never gave up. After a month or two I already had an idea that worked out really well for my project. Soon after that, my business started to make a lot of money. I liked what I saw and put in more effort. Soon after that my project made me more than $350 a day. Being a sceptical person myself, I was totally blown away by the potential. At this time I took a massive risk and quit my day-time job, so I could focus on my home business. This is when matters really took off.. together with some good friends (who just started their own projects) we worked out four more plans.

At the moment each of us are making a six figure income.. through our projects alone. Awesome isn’t it?

Well, I didn’t write this article to brag about my own success. I want to share 10 very valuable lessons I’ve learned in the process of creating my home business.

I’m sure these ten lessons will help YOU to be succesfull. It’s not necessary to dive in straight away and take huge risks.. there is nothing wrong with starting something on the side and see how things work out.
These are the 10 lessons that will help you with your home business:

10. Start your home business while still employed
It would be a very bad idea to put everything on the line. Never quit your day-time job until you are entirely sure you want to concentrate everything on your project. Of course it’s not easy to start a project while still being employed. Chances are, that you have a thousand other things on your mind. But if you really want it, everyone can pull it off. It’s actually not that hard to free up 2 hours a day for your project. It’s a matter of getting the priorities straight.

9. Don’t try and be an expert at everything
This is a common mistake a lot of people make, including myself. I wanted to know everything, be able to do everything and do everything myself. Face it.. you can’t be an expert at everything. It’s hardly ever a good idea to start your project all by yourself. It’s good to be able to do most of it yourself, but for some things you’ll be better off outsourcing it or get someone to help you out. This can cost you a bit money, but it gives you the ability to focus on the more important projects. Carefully think about your strengths and weaknesses, this will give you a strong idea on what you need.

8. Think long term
A lot of people start in an spontaneous mood. This isn’t a bad thing, seeing as how these ideas commonly work out pretty well. Just remember that it’s always good to think long-term. There are enough ways to make some quick profit.. unfortunately it barely ever lasts. Make sure you have an idea on how to keep the business running. How do you keep customers, where does the profit come from, what do you do if x happens? If you can answer such questions you’re good to go!

7. Get your marketing skills up-to-par
Well, this might be a contradiction because I’ve just said you don’t need to be an expert at everything. Marketing skills however, are essential for having succes. If you don’t have a background in (internet) marketing, I recommend you to read some blogs or books. This will benefit you with your home business!

6. Device a plan of attack for the home business
Don’t start just yet! It’s good to have a bit of a plan of attack. Don’t write a huge business plan or try and cover everything you can possibly think off.. it usually doesn’t work out the way you thought it would. But you should at least have a strong idea of what you’re going to do and keep doing. Create goals, set priorities, write down some essential steps and have a broad draft of what you’re home business is going to look like.

5. Don’t look back
It doesn’t matter how amazing you are: you will make slips. I don’t think there’s anyone that started a home business without setbacks. Of course it’s not easy to deal with setbacks and failure.. but please, continue with what you’re doing and learn from your mistakes. Too many people get frustrated, insecure or unmotivated when things aren’t going according to plan. This is a shame because making mistakes will benefit your home business in the end.

4. Market research
There’s probably a few people cringing right now. If you don’t know who your competitors are and what the odds of your home business are like, you are very vulnerable. Before you head into any (niche) market it is important to know what the strong and weak points of your competition are. You might also come across things you didn’t know about, which can be used for your home business.

3. Focus
Focus is very important if you’re creating a home business. All too often people will find themselves doing twenty tasks at once. The result: neither task gets completed or the quality is lacking. If you’re working on your home business, make a to-do list and prioritize. Always finish something before you move forward. This might be/seem difficult at first, but you’ll be a lot more productive later on!

2. Do what you love
Doing something that you love is the biggest motivation you’ll ever have. Make sure that you do something you enjoy when you’re starting your home business. If you’re starting a home business in something you’re not really fanatic about.. you’ll soon notice that it’s harder to stay motivated, especially when things are a bit rough.

1. Take action
On to the most important lessons: take action. This is where most people fail.You can read, learn, plan everything you want for your home business.. but if you’re not taking action you’ll never get anywhere.

So, if you’re about to start your own home business.. don’t begin totally unprepared and be willing to put time in learning how to do stuff.. but NEVER forget to actually TAKE ACTION. The worst thing that can happen is that things don’t work out and you end up having to start your home business all over again.. so what? At least you had the balls to take action.

I hope you can put these lessons to work! If you want to know more about starting a home business, or if you’re interested in a clear newbies guide, check out my home business blog!