Best Netbook For Business – Assessing Your Netbook Business Needs

Netbooks are an amazing cost saver for businesses. They are practically best suited for businesses with staff that travels a lot. Netbooks are especially light and low cost. These two feature makes it the best tool for businesses.

Truth be told, not all businesses benefit from netbooks. There are those that simply cannot do with a netbook. Should your business fall under this category, then netbooks will probably be bad for your business, even if they are low cost.

It is very important that you assess your business needs prior to spending your dollars on a netbook solution. What are the areas to look at in assessing your business need for netbooks?

1. Is your business running highly complex system software in its daily function?

Even the best netbook for business is probably not capable of running a complex system software. Netbooks are optimized to run web applications. They are not designed to run complex applications locally.

The system processor that comes with today’s business netbooks are low performance processors. They were designed to run at low speed and consume very little power. At the moment, the processors in these netbooks for business is just optimized to run applications within an internet browser.

2. Does your business require large data storage?

Businesses at times require large data storage area. The current netbook models come with at least 160GB of disk storage. That should be more than enough for your business needs at the moment.

Netbooks with Solid State Drives should be avoided as these offer very little storage space. However, should you need storage larger than the 160GB, then you should take a look at other means of storage system. Its is of course still possible to store your files on the internet.

3. Do you require a large screen real estate?

Business netbooks, are small. At the moment, the largest business netbooks have 12-inch screens. 12 inch is not a lot of screen space to play with.

If your business deals with applications that require large resolution screens, you will surely face problems when using netbooks. Some buttons will probably not be available in that small screen area in a netbook.

4. Will the business netbooks be the main computer for your staff?

Today’s netbooks are more suitable to be used as secondary machines. They are designed just right for traveling use. If you plan to utilize today’s business netbooks as your number one machine, you should take a look again at your business needs.

Give the first assessment above another read.

The best netbook for business will be unpractical if deployed into a business environment it was not designed for. No matter how attractive netbooks appear for businesses, they don’t fit in everywhere. Assess your business needs prior to deciding upon your netbook deployment.

Give a few netbooks a run through with all your business applications. Identify areas where your application will face problems when running in business netbooks. By testing your applications with a number of netbooks before deployment, you get to identify yourself the best netbook for your business.