Home Business Network Marketing – Why 97% of People Always Fail

If you have not noticed yet, 97% of people fail at their home business network marketing opportunity. Now there are many reasons that you can fail but I have realized there is one determining factor. There is one strong reason why most people never make it within this industry. Do you want to know what it is?

The reason most people always fail is simply because they are not ready to start a business. This is a real business and you should take it very seriously. Of course you want to have fun with it like you want to do with everything else in life but you have to go into this business without head full of steam ready to get started and understand that you are going to run into challenges.

There are many opportunity meetings out there that tell you it’s going to be a breeze and that’s fine, that’s all part of marketing. But you must be smart enough to understand that there’s going to be struggles and if you cannot overcome them, then you cannot run a business.

Thankfully I was able to learn this at a very young age. I struggled, and I still struggle at times, it’s never going to go away. It’s part of the overall cycle of every business, you will have good days and of course you will have bad days. The people who fail always throw in the towel when they hit those bad days because they haven’t learned any better.

There were many times when I was in school but I wanted to quit, but I didn’t.

There was many times in baseball what I wanted to never play again, but I did.

The same situations will go on in your business building efforts, so you really have to discover why you want to get involved in network marketing. If it is just to make more money and get filthy rich then you’re not going to succeed.

But if it is to help your family and achieve the things that you really want in life then you have a good shot to make this business really work for yourself.

It’s easy to become 97% of people who fail and it’s hard to be a part of the 3% who make it because you have to really want it more than anyone else.