How to Use the Law of Attraction For Your Business

Here I will give you some basic details of what steps to take and what works for me. I will also include some references that I think are for the modern day people (Simple and Efficient Techniques that Work)

For those of you who do not know what the “Law of Attraction” is, read below:

The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like in its most simplest definition. What I mean is, if you hold thoughts of negative events within your mind, you are bound to experience those same events in your life.

The same works for positive thinking. If you are keeping wonderful and positive thoughts within your mind, you can bet that you will be receiving those thoughts in your life.

How does this relate to business? Well, some people know about the Law of Attraction and they also own their own businesses. Some people know about the Law of Attraction and they still think that they cannot build their own business. There are also some people who think that the Law of Attraction does not work for them within their business. Unfortunately, there are some people who know nothing about the Law of Attraction and are failing miserably in their business.

I have some good news. There are many people out there today who are teachers of this information. They link and lock in tools necessary to build your business and accomplish the results that you desire and deserve.

Once you start to learn how to implement the Law of Attraction in your business, you will start to be amazed by the results that come before you. People will start to show up in your life to help you accomplish your goals. Money will start to come in to help you with capital needs and you will start to see other things all around you that you did not see before you started to use the Law of Attraction.

Below I will show you some of the simple and basic steps in building your business from scratch using the Law of Attraction.

Contrast for Clarity, Step #1 Contrast for Clarity is simple, but this is one of the most important steps in showing the Universe what it is you want. If you give the Universe mixed thoughts and feelings, the results or what manifests will be an exact match (mixed) and therefore not being exactly what you really want. So, lets take a look at Step 1!

On the top of a sheet of paper write “My Ideal ______” This could be your Ideal Clients, Business Partners, Advertising, or anything you feel as though it needs some working on. It is good to break your business down into sections like these so that you can take the time to look at what you don’t want and what you do want at each portion of your business.

Fold the paper evenly one time so that you have two long columns with the longest part of the paper being the two columns

On the left side of the paper you are to write what it is you do not like about your business (i.e. For “My Ideal Clients”, I may write, “I do not want clients who are hard to find.”)

Do this step 5-10 times

I do realize that some areas of business may need more improvement than other sections, but 5 items should help get you to some great clarity for now and 10 should do the trick if you need it.

Also, do clarity for contrast step more than once for different areas of your business that you would like to work on. Some examples could be your clients, income, vacation time, or even your stress level. People desire many different things and will also need help in different areas. Some people may do well with attracting loads of money in their business, but are leading lousy businesses due to stressful events.

You know what you and your business needs the most.

Now you want to take each negative item and write out the positive statement on the other side of the paper next to the negative item (i.e. So, instead of the statement “I do not want clients who are hard to find”, write “Clients come frequently and easily” on the right hand side. This will give you the opposite of the negative thought.)

Remember that you want to do that for all the subjects that you feel needs improvement (i.e. “My Ideal Income”, “My Ideal Product”, “My Ideal Training”, “My Ideal Time Freedom”).

This is your business and you are the creator of your business. Take your time and realize that you can have whatever it is that you desire. Remember to DREAM BIG!

Let’s Take a Look at Step #2

Combining Your Desires To Complete Your Business Success Using The Law of Attraction A great step in becoming clear with your ideal business is combining your results from your contrast for clarity papers and making a script.

This is what I mean:

You created a list of negative results you may have when building a business. Then you established a positive statement to turn that negative statement around. Your next step is to create a one page script or desire statement by combining your positive statements

This should be fun…You are now becoming aware of what your desired business looks like with complete clarity. You should have at your fingertips, your complete picture of your ideal business. Make it almost as if you are telling someone about your business. More than one statement can be expressed in one sentence within your statement (i.e. “My ideal business is filled with quality recurring customers who are happy and receives tons of valuable information from me. The income that is produced from my business is $5,000 or more each week and I am able to give 10% of my income to church with extra income left over. My business has produced over $100,000 worth of sales for my associates….”).

The next step is extremely important, but I do not place either of these steps more superior than the other. All of these are required and should be utilized to get the engine ignited within your business.

Step #3 What To Do Now?

You may be thinking, “wow, this is neat, now where is my dream business?”

Well, here is another important step you can take to get your desired business results.

You have to learn that statement and be able to state it out loud whenever you think about it.

Be certain to:

Sate and FEEL your statement 3 times a day: 1. First thing in the morning. 2. Midday 3. And right before you go to bed.

You can start off reading this statement, but eventually you are going to want to be able to repeat your desired statement from the heart.

The most IMPORTANT thing you want to make sure you do when saying your statement out loud is to feel the feelings of having those things you desire while you are reading.

For some of you, who are already familiar with The Law of Attraction, may already know that the feeling in your statement is the driving force in establishing your desires.


Excuse that bad netiquette, but this is one of the most forgotten facts when trying to attract anything through the Law of Attraction. It is sometimes the only reason why some people are failing at the Law of Attraction. You have to put feeling into it.

This may seem odd at first and you may not believe the statements that you are faithfully stating everyday, but that is the point of this exercise. You have to come to the belief that you can be, do, or have anything you want in your business.

There are only two ways you can establish your beliefs. Through Impact and Repetition.

This exercise is helping you through Repetition…You add the feelings…and reap the benefits.

Guess what? There is one more important fact I want to introduce you to. It is common sense and even those who do not complete this step already know that it is needed, yet so many people fail to do it. And that is…Take Action.

Taking Action is an important step when building your business while using the Law of Attraction, yet most people ignore this fact. Some expect for techniques like the one above to be all that is needed to make this happen.

Taking Action:

If you think that this is all that is needed to establish your business, you are up to a rude awakening. Now, no one said that your Action had to be hard or painful, but there is always action when receiving. When you are wanting to receive this dream business of yours, realize that you will always have to act to receive. Action can be as small as holding a door open for someone who in turns, offer you a business proposition just by her instincts. Action can be as big as working 12 hours a day for a month to get a huge and successful business off the ground. If you are doing everything right, Action should for the most part, feel effortless. I love the word EFFORTLESS!

You may have done a lot of work during those 12 hours a day, but having that work feel fun and exciting is what you are looking for. Make it feel good by taking inspired action and enjoy your journey!

I tell people, act like you already have it. Do the things you would do if you were already there. That is most if not all Law of Attraction teachers preach out there.

What are you doing? GO TAKE ACTION!

Much Love, Robin Williams (Not The Actor)